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, Ft. Saskatchewan, Alberta.

Doug Casson and team race a Harley Davidson pro dragster.

Bad Habitz Racing began in 2000, when we began building our nitro methane powered Harley Davidson dragster. The project was completed in 2002.

Since that time Bad Habitz Racing has been competing in the western Canadian circuit (CMDRA).
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Bad Habitz Racing team


Doug Casson


My name is Doug Casson, the pro dragster pilot in the Bad Habitz Racing Team, and 58 years old this year. I've been riding motorcycles since I was 13 years old, everything from dabbling in motocross and cross country racing to my most recent endeavor, Nitro Harley Drag racing.

I have always prided myself in my skills as a rider. If there is anything I do well, it was ride the hell out of a motorcycle. I guess nitro drag racing was a way of capitalizing on those skills as well as to meet yet another challenge head on.

I began drag racing late in life, at the age of 43 after 2 years of building this motorcycle, made my first pass down the race track and never looked back. My only regret is not getting involved in motorcycle drag racing much sooner.

Procrastination is nothing new to me though, I didn't get into the trades till I was 36 years old either. That's something else I should have done much sooner in life…who knew?... I mean really, there was parties to crash and whisky to drink right!! I'm now a Licensed Instrument Tech for Agrium, for whom I've been employed with since 1978. In 1997 I opened my own small Business in motorcycle parts and service. I enjoy the challenges my instrument trade but apparently the motorcycles is still where my heart is.

I also have my wife, Darlene and my daughter Charmian to thank for all their patience over the years in both life's little obstacles and the ups and downs in our world of motorcycles and motorcycle drag racing.
Darlene Casson


I am Darlene, Doug's better half. I work in Edmonton as a registered nurse and have for the past 21 years. My initial fear of anything to do with motorcycles turned into the reluctant enjoyment of being a passenger when I met Doug in 1989. After a few years of riding on the back fender of Doug's wideglide and later a more comfortable FLHT seat, I got my own license in 1992. After a few rough years of learning the in's and out's and what not to do's of riding on two wheels and replacing many windshields, I upgraded to 1992 FXR and the enjoyment turned into a way of life.

Eight years ago I heard the words guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of any woman...

"Guess what I'm going to do" ...and so began the new hobby of nitro motorcycle drag racing. We had always been fans of watching motorcycle drag racing, but were soon to learn the expense, hard work, trial and tribulations of actually being a participant. My only non-negotiable term was that I would be riding my motorcycle to the different racing events in Alberta and BC, not driving the truck and trailer, which of course, had been Doug's plan all along. So for the last five years, I have enjoyed many rides to Mission, Fort St John, Ashcroft, and Medicine Hat, while Doug follows way behind doing a sedate 90-100 kph in his truck.

It has overall been a lot of fun as well as good hard work to get this far. My Job scope on the team has evolved from just keeping the 'crew" fed and watered to building and rebuilding clutch packs to get us through each weekend of racing as well as all the little jobs that come along the way and feeding and watering the crew. The best part is all the great people we have been fortunate enough to meet in both the motorcycle and racing environment. We look forward to quite a few more good years and "winning" years in the world of Nitro Harley Drag Racing.

Darrell Kerner


My name is Darrell Kerner and I am 55 yrs of age. I am a sales rep for a truck body manufacturer, although by trade I am a welder fabricator.

I have been with the same company in various positions for 19 yrs.

I have been riding motorcycles for 38 yrs on everything from motocross bikes to Harley deckers and choppers. Currently I ride a 2005 Road Glide and 1980 shovel head rigid framed chopper.

I have also been involved in car shows for a good number of years having been an official for the International Show Car Association for over 27 yrs. I have been around drag racing most of my life working at the Speedway Park in the 70's. I crewed on the Time Machine Prodrag bike for 5 yrs then went to crew for Tyson Stadnick for his first year on a Prodragster. I have known Doug for a number of years so it was a logical move to join his team which I did in 2007. I am very proud to be a member of a first rate race team that is going to be the team to beat in a very short time!!!!
Roger & Wendy Flemming


My name is Roger Flemming, a licensed Millwright for a large pipe manufacturing plant in Camrose, Alberta.

I met Doug through my wife, Wendy, who is a friend of Darlene's. I have always had a love for two wheeled motor sports of all kinds- drag racing included, so when I met Doug, he invited me to help out on the team.

I was more than happy to help any way that I could. (Even if it was just cleaning the bike or scrubbing burnt rubber off the fender - for less weight!)

My team specialty now includes the clutch management system as well as starter crew and staging. There is nothing like being on the line with a couple of Nitro Harleys firing up. Except perhaps riding one. (Maybe if I hang out long enough, Doug will give me that opportunity) I have owned many bikes throughout my riding years, and currently own seven…all Japanese models.

Now though, I recently bought my first HD, a 2008 street glide and am very much looking forward to putting many miles on it during our race seasons.

Bad Habitz Racing bike
Thank you once again for taking the time to consider sponsorship of Bad Habitz. If you are interested in becoming a team sponsor, please email me at  You can also reach Doug by phone at 780-916-2310
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