Motorcycles are becoming more and more mainstream everyday. Even cable TV programming has reflected
this with programs such as American Choppers on Discovery, Bikeography on Fine Living, Corbin's Ride On
and American Thunder on Speed.

More close to home though is Tom Mann of Biker TV, a Canadian production out of eastern Canada, committed
to filming the CMDRA (Canadian Motorcycle Drag Racing Association) race events in the 2010 season for the
racing associations in both Eastern Canada as well as some parts of the USA. I look forward to more local TV
coverage in 2010 as I know it will continue to be a large boost to the sport of motorcycle drag racing in Western

Television has played an extremely important part in the growth of motorcycle racing already and is likely the
reason that it has become the sport of the decade. Television allows audiences at home to enjoy the beauty,
the speed, the technology and the pure excitement of nitro motorcycle drag racing. Bad Habitz Racing is a
professional motorcycle racing team entering our 6th season in the sport of Nitro Motorcycle Drag Racing.

Sponsor names or logos are prominently displayed on the motorcycle, rider, pit crew uniform and transport
vehicle. For you as a sponsor, this translates into a huge amount of exposure for you and your business.

Wherever the Bad Habitz team is seen, media coverage, television, print, internet, on location, driving across
the country, promotional events, posters and banners, you will receive outstanding exposure and value for the
investment. The sponsor is valued, active and a highly visible part of our race team.

As a sponsor, you would become part of the media coverage, event activity and entire racing community.
Rather than just being a financial backer, you become a valued part of our race team. This is the great
marketing appeal of racing versus other forms of event marketing and sponsorship opportunities. We do hope
you choose to become part of the exciting sport of motorcycle drag racing.